IRCTC Buddhist travel train takes you to Rajgir. It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Magadh. At the top of the city is vulture peak where many important conferences and meetings were held. Lord Buddha was presented with poems and essays by many kings who pledged loyalty and converted to Buddhism making it a must-see destination on Rajgir Buddhist Mandir Travels.

On the Rajgir Buddhist tour, we learn that it was the ancient capital city of Magadha Kings until 5th Century BC. The famous fight between Bhima and Jarasandh took place here in which Bhim split Jasarandh in two.

A lot of hills encompasses the city and on one such hill is the Saptparni Cave where the first Buddhist Council was held. Rajgir Buddhist Tour takes you to Saptparni Cave which is also the source of Rajgir Hot water springs which have curative properties and are considered sacred by Hindu’s, Buddhists and Jains.

On the hilltops, tourist cans spot one of the famous Rajgir Buddhist tourist place Pagoda that is connected with aerial ropeways offering a great view of the landscape

Rajgir Pilgrimage Tour: Bimbisara Jail

Bimbisara Jail is a must-see destination during Buddhist travel in Rajgir. It is a ruin of an ancient Kingdom which was ruled by King Bimbisara. He was fond of Buddha and quickly converted to Buddhism once he learned about its teachings and culture. This irked his son who wanted to rule and together with Devdutta he conspired to take the Kingdom from his father. Bimbisara was not interested in ordering any more, but his son Ajatshatru feared that his father could change his mind, so he put him in jail instead of setting him free. He later appointed Devdutta the leader of the Sangh Army and was about to let his father out as he got rid of the fear that Bimbisara will come after his power when it was too late as the Old King passed away.

Rajgir Pilgrimage Tour: Gridhakuta Hills .

If you view Gridhakuta hills during Buddhist travel in Rajgir from the top, you will see that they are shaped like a vulture. Lord Buddha gave many lessons here after attaining enlightenment. They are located near Ratnagiri and Vaibhava hills. All the hills are an essential part of Rajgir Buddha Tourism.

A ropeway must be taken to the top of the hills from which one can see the Karanda Tank where Gautam Buddha used to make his bath and Pippala cave which was a center of meditation. Another favorite Rajgir Buddhist tourist place are the hot springs where separate spaces for men and women are organized and is visible from the hills.

Rajgir Pilgrimage Tour: Venuvan Monastery

Rajgir Buddhist Mandir travels takes you to Venuvan Monastery which was built by King Bimbisara and offered to Lord Buddha. Buddha stayed here for a time after attaining enlightenment. It is a Japanese shrine with a different type of bamboo groves and plants spread all around. In the middle of the monastery is a fish pond and a Stupa near one of its sides.

It provides plenty of respite to tourists from heat as it offers a lot of shade and is an excellent spot for a family picnic on Rajgir Buddhist Tour. There is a Golden Statue of Buddha sitting with his right hand up and giving his blessings to all his devotees. Thick bamboo trunks surround it, Tibetan prayer flags and a tiered roof with eaves like many architectures spotted on Rajgir Buddha Tourism.

Karanda Tank where Buddha used to bathe is situated in Venuvan which is a landmark destination on Rajgir Buddhist Tour.