Nalanda Buddhist Pilgrimage Train Tour in India

Nalanda is situated 72 km off Patna and is part of the Buddhist Circuit which also includes Rajgir and Bodhgaya. Nalanda experiences extreme climate change throughout the year with the heat soaring in summers and cold engulfing the city during winters. The average rainfall received is 120 cm.

It is famous for Surya Mandir and Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall both popular destinations in Nalanda Buddhist tourism. Surya Mandir has a 5 feet tall statue of Goddess Parvati which is the main attraction among devotees. The temple comes alive during Chatt Puja which is held here twice a year.

Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall has constructed in the memory of Hieun Tsang a famous Chinese traveler. He came to India to study Buddhism and mysticism. He gave full credit of all the knowledge and patience that he possessed to his teachers. The memorial hall is an essential part of Nalanda Buddhist Travel as it contains 224 books on sutras, 67 books on Sarvastivada, 192 shastras and some relics which help people gain insights About Buddhism.

According to legend Gautam Buddha used to give lectures in a mango grove here to his disciplines. A shrine was built for him to sit on and deliver teachings which brought peace among everybody. Many emperors and kings ruled Nalanda as custodians during their reign and created temples of Hindu and Buddhist deities

Below are the places to visit when on Nalanda Buddhist Tour

Nalanda Buddhist Tour: Nalanda Ruins

IRCTC Buddhist Travel Train for Nalanda takes you to the spectacular and history-rich Nalanda ruins. Pilgrims on the Nalanda Buddhist Tour can explore the Nalanda ruins which behold one of the largest monasteries to be made in the history of Mankind. Nalanda was a mahavihara and a sizeable Buddhist monastery and listed as one of the most critical places to travel on the Nalanda Buddhist tourism list.

The university was considered a magnum opus of architecture is sprawling over 12 hectares. It comprises of 10 temples, eight individual compounds, classrooms, meditation halls, parks, and lakes. Scholars and teachers from all around the world resided in dormitories. It was spring water of knowledge and wisdom with text collections on medicine, astronomy, logic, astrology, and literature which makes it an unmissable place on Nalanda Buddhist tour.

Tourists can also see a 91 m high vihara encompassing a Buddha statue and a sangharama built by one of the successors of Kumaragupta baladitya. The archaeologist also discovered that monks used to take baths in lakes and water reservoirs before beginning their daily rituals. Before the beginning and at the end of every activity like performing rites, singing hymns and holding flowers and incense sticks while roaming the halls of the monastery a gong was beaten to mark the start/stop.

Nalanda Buddhist Tour: Nalanda Archaeological Museum

Nalanda Buddhist Tourism brings you Nalanda Archaeological Museum. The Archaeological Survey of India surveyed the site and conducted initial excavation worked in the 19th century. It brought to know of the existence of 6 temples and 11 monasteries which were undiscovered before. Inscriptions, coins, sculptures, and seal were extracted from the site and are included in the list of antique tourists can browse through. The museum is open from 10AM to 5PM on all days barring Friday. The entry fee is 5 rupees for this crucial cog of Nalanda Buddhist Travel. The entry fee is 5 rupees for this crucial cog of Nalanda Buddhist Travel.