Hop on the IRCTC Buddhist Tourist Train with Buddhist Circuit tour Package which covers spectacular destinations throughout eight days.

The Buddhist Circuit Tour Package includes a trip to Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Agra.

All these places have played a vital part in Buddhist Pilgrimage tour cost is reasonable.Buddhism as they contributed to Buddha’s learning and understanding of the universe and the self. He traveled to all these places both pre and post-enlightenment at some point in his life or the other which is why they are on the Buddhist Pilgrimage tour packages India.

Buddhist Tour Packages

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour cost is reasonable. There are three cabins which the passengers can choose from:

1) AC-First Class which costs 1155 dollars

2) AC 2 tier costs 945 dollars

3) AC First coupe 1305 dollars

Buddhist Rajgir Tour Package

Buddhists were in love with Rajgir ever since they set foot in this city. It is encompassed by hills all around and is visited as a holy site complete with hot water springs and other natural wonders with medicinal properties. It is famous for its cyclopean wall made of big limestone boulders which was very compact and enveloped the entire city protecting it. Major destinations in Rajgir are:

1) Bimbisara Jail

Bimbisara jail tells the story of greed, hatred and delusion all of which are defiling elements that Buddhism preaches to eliminate. Son of Bimbisara Ajatshatru conspired against him as he did not like when he gave his up his wealth and became a devotee of Lord Buddha. Along with Devdutta who was as ambitious as Bimbisara’s son as he had never tasted power they took hold of the Kingdom and put Bimbisara in Jail.

2) Gridhakuta Hills in Rajgir Tour Packages

An aerial view of the Gridhakuta hills which is a prime destination in North India Tour Packages will show you an uncanny resemblance to the back of a vulture. Buddha used to frequently visit here for preaching and self-learning along with his disciples who enjoyed the serene atmosphere.

3) Venuvana Monastery in Rajgir Tour Packages

Venuvana Monastery was the source of all conflict as this was what Bimbisara offered to Buddha. It is made up of bamboo groves and great shrines which made it ideal for meditation and self-learning.

Buddhist Varanasi Tour Package

Buddhist travel package to Varanasi includes the tour of all holy destinations that display exquisite Buddhist relics and artifacts.

1) Dhamek Stupa

It was built in 249 BCE by emperor Ashoka and is a substantial monumental structure with a height of 44 meters and a diameter of 28 meters. Pilgrims often circle the pillar made of red stand stone while offering their prayers.

2) Sarnath Museum

Sarnath Museum contains everything from artifacts, antique coins, relics, curios and sculptures from the Maurya and Gupta period. It offers tremendous insights into the Buddhist way of life.

3) Mulagandha Kuti Vihar

It is a temple with a big bell at the entrance and prayer wheels which pilgrims can turn clockwise. Most pilgrims admire frescoes and other indentations on the wall and ceiling which create a special aura and atmosphere for meditation.

Bodhgaya Tour Package

Buddha took to Bodhgaya like a child decides to play. It was the center of his meditation and preaching. He developed and honed his ability to concentrate under the Bodhi Tree.

1) Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya Tour Package

Maha Bodhi temple is a spectacular example of Buddhist architecture. It houses a big statue of Lord Buddha in a meditational position which is facing east just like Buddha was when he attained enlightenment.

2) Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya Tour Package

Bodhi Tree is a direct descendant of the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. It is ideal for meditation with a stupa and a decorated path in the backdrop. It is one of the mainstays of holy tour packages in India.

Nalanda Tour Packages

Nalanda was the hub of Buddhist learning. All monks, disciples, followers, and devotees played a huge part in growing and maintaining libraries and dormitories in Nalanda University. It was a sight to behold as the university was both a learning center and a teaching center. The students who had absorbed all the education there was to incorporate were asked to go their way and attain enlightenment or a higher level of consciousness through meditation. This is why it is an essential landmark for Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages

1) Nalanda Ruins

Nalanda ruins make one wonder what the university would have been in its prime. One can observe the vast arrays of compounds, dormitories, temples, meditation halls, library, and other educational infrastructures.

2) Nalanda Archaeological Site

At the Nalanda Archaeological site one of the leading destinations for north India tour packages you can observe the salvaged items excavated from the Nalanda Ruins along with other preserved relics of that time.