IRCTC Buddhist Tourist Train takes you to an 8-day journey where pilgrims have the opportunity to embrace the treasures of Buddhism. The Buddhist circuit tour itinerary includes tours to places in both Nepal and India where Buddhism prospered.

Everything from the sacred teachings of Buddhism to scriptures and inscriptions containing unparalleled wisdom is there to view on this tour. Once you see all the destinations on the Buddhist Circuit Itinerary, you will become more rational, calm, confident and self-disciplined.

Break up of Buddhist Tour Itinerary

1) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 1 – Delhi to Gaya

There is not much to do on the first day apart from assembling at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station and boarding the train which leaves at 14:30 hours. The train heads straight for Gaya with dinner on board.

2) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 2 – Gaya – Bodhgaya

Buddhist Circuit tour itinerary includes morning tea, breakfast and washes and change facilities on board. Check in at the hotel to refresh yourself before heading to the spectacular Mahabodhi temple, serene Bodhi tree and the beautiful Niranjana river. Explore more Buddhist era monuments with a visit to marvelous and educational Thai temple, Japanese temple and Buddha statue.Dinner and Overnight stay at the hotel.

3) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 3- Bodhgaya-Nalanda-Rajgir-Gaya-Varanasi

Day 3 is one of the most important days on the Buddhist circuit tour itinerary as you cover a lot of things in a short span of time. Check out after an early morning breakfast for Bimbisara Jail, Gridhakuta Hill and Venuvan Monastery. Head out to the famous Nalanda ruins and Nalanda University to unlock all the secrets of the Buddhist era.

4) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 4- Varanasi-Sarnath-Nautawa

Sarnath was one of Buddha’s favorite place with broad valleys and great meditation spots. Popular pilgrimage sites are Dhamekh Stupa, Sarnath Museum, Ashokan Pillar and Mulagandha Kuti Vihar. You can enjoy Aarti by Gange's ghat. After a day filled with peace and tranquillity, you will proceed to Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal, Lumbini.

5) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 5- Nautanwa Lumbini

Pilgrims get their breakfast on board and then proceed to Lumbini which is one hour and a few minutes away. Check in to the hotel for lunch and then visit the palatial Mayadevi Temple and the monumental Ashokan Pillar.

6) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 6-Kushinagar

Brace yourself for a four-hour journey from Lumbini to Kushinagar. Make sure you have had a healthy meal as you will need all the energy you have to pull through the day. First up on the itinerary is the Parinirvan Stupa and Temple that contains a big lie down the golden statue of Buddha where a lot of devotees bend down and seek blessing. Other vital landmarks to visit include sambhar stupa and matha Kaur shrine displaying vintage relics and artifacts with historical significances.

7) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 7- Sravasti

After you have witnessed the scale on which Buddhism prospered and how it united so many communities rapidly with its teachings as people took to the positive vibes instantly. Sravasti is an integral part of Buddhist Circuit Itinerary, and you get here after departing from Kushinagar and traveling through Gorakhpur and Balrampur. Sravasti is 15 kilometers from, and the train only stops for short intervals to these destinations before Sravasti.

After arriving at the hotel, visitors have an hour to refresh themselves and eat. They are then guided to Jetavana Monastery which was given to Buddha by King Bimbisara, Pakki Kutti where according to legend people can be forgiven for their misgivings and can get redemptions for past wrongful deeds. At last, you visit Sahet Mahet which is a hotbed of relics and statues displaying the skill and ambition of Buddhists to protect and further their way of life.

At night you need to rest easy after dinner as the train covers 450 km to get to Agra.

8) Buddha Circuit Itinerary Day 8- Agra –Delhi

Yay, you did it the journey is almost complete as you reach the imposing city Agra where Mughals presided like they were born to rule. The tour starts with the perfection of love Taj Mahal and ends with a visit to the historic Agra Fort. The train departs in the afternoon for Delhi as lunch is served on board along with evening tea just as you are about to reach Delhi.